The Advocats Big Band

Since 2004, Rick has had the pleasure of playing in the trumpet section of this excellent Toronto big band. The name originates from the fact that The Advocats was originally made up entirely of lawyers. That’s relaxed some in the past few years, but it still has a core of legal eagles as well as a large number of music teachers. The featured vocalist is the Nina Richmond (also a damn good real estate lawyer).

The band has had a steady engagement since 2004, playing the first Monday of every month at the legendary Chick'n'Deli (now renamed People’s Chicken) located on Mt. Pleasant Avenue just south of Eglinton Avenue East (close to midtown) here in Toronto. They can also be caught at the Beaches Jazz Festival most summers and at various charity gigs around the Greater Toronto area. If you’re in town on the first Monday of any month, please drop by People’s Chicken to catch a few sets, beginning at 7:30 and continuing to 10:30.

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