The Orchids Scrapbook

"Now, let's bring Jack and Linc up to do a little Pony Walk..."

This page is for old friends of this great band. The shots above are from their earliest years -- late 1959 or '60, most likely. The bottom business card also dates from this time. The one above it (shown front and back) is from later on (possibly 1964) when the band had been expanded to 8 members: trumpet, 2 tenor saxes, baritone sax, guitar, bass, drums, and the incomparable Bobby Lindsay on vocals. We're trying to get hold of some shots of that group and will post them if we get any. The card is folded so it could be stood up like a tent and placed on tables wherever the band played. Notice on the back where listeners can write their requests.

Linc Chamberland (on the left in the lefthand photo) was probably 20 at the time of the shot. Check out that bari sax propped on the bass drum! The tune you're listening to is the Orchids signature piece, a rearrangement of the Bill Doggett tune "Hold It" that they called "Twistin Round the Table", and which they played in one form or another long after the Twist craze had died, becoming, in effect, their theme song. It's from the Orchids' live album, "Twistin at the Roundtable with the Orchids". (Memorabilia courtesy of Jim and Jack Hungaski and Bob Berman. Recording courtesy of Jim Hungaski)

Finally a photo (courtesy of Tom Giorgi -- thanks Tom!) of the later Orchids in action. Bobby Lindsay is singing. On trumpet is the legendary Billy Shields (who supposedly carried his trumpet around in a paper bag instead of a case). Next to him is Jack Hungaski on tenor sax. I believe the drummer is Butch Gator. You can see a bit of Don Jordan on bass and the head of Linc's Telecaster on the extreme right of the shot. Does anybody know what club this photo was taken in?

If anyone has more photos of the Orchids, please get in touch with us!

The photo below is from another band in the New York area at about the same time as the original line-up of the Orchids. The reason it's included here is that the fourth person from the left, right in the center, is none other than Bobby Lindsay. It's hard to believe that such a high, pure and delicate voice came from such a big man. Anyone who had a chance to hear him knows what sort of impact that voice had. Bobby could flat out sing! Next to Bobby is Frank Salvo who went on to play baritone sax for the Orchids for many years.

We've been meaning to get this photo up on the site since the summer ('04). Here are the Orchids in 1994 when they were rehearsing to do an anniversary gig at the site of the original Canada Lounge (under different ownership and called Rich's at the time). L-R you're looking at Don Jordan, Vic Serman, Frank Salvo, Jim Hungaski, Clark Sheck (Thanks for the info, Scott!), Ray Pennucci, Jimmy Licari, and Jack Hungaski. Sadly, Linc and Bobby couldn't make the gig, but wherever they were listening from, I'm sure they enjoyed it. There was a Chamberland on the bandstand, though: Scott, Linc's son, who plays a very hot tenor sax. His dad would have been proud. Many thanks to Nick Studwell for the photo!

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