This page is more of an indulgence than anything. Rick has more than enough interesting photos with no place to put them, so they're going to wind up here. And no, there won't be any vacation photos! (That's a different page...)

Rock Star Rick

FAR LEFT: Probably taken in early 1975 at The Gasworks, a major club in Toronto at the time. Rick has had his '54 B3 since 1967 and the French horn that's in the background on top of the organ in the photo is still his mainstay.
NEAR RIGHT: Taken at the Abbey Road (also in Toronto) sometime during late 1974. And look at all the hair! Little did he know what was in store.

LEFT: A further close-up of the cover of the August 30, 1961 Saturday Evening Post painted by Dick Sargeant. Believe us, Rick was not as melancholy as he looks. He was just a very good child actor! By the way the streaks in the picture are rain. Guess you'll just have to read Rick's bio to find out what this is all about.

RIGHT: Rick's wife, Vicki, doing what she does best: getting ready to play the flute and looking like a million dollars (how she can do both simultaneously is completely astonishing!). He wouldn't have looked so apprehensive at 10 if he'd known what lay in store for him later on! (Photo by Andre Leduc)

Vicki and Flute
Saturday Evening Post Cover Detail
Tronto MkII

LEFT: The "Tronto MkII" Mellotron Workshop held in here Toronto in September 2001. Standing around an M400 undergoing some much-needed repairs are (l to r): Rick, Craig Collett (owner of Coll Audio and the workshop’s host), John Bradley (Streetly Electronics of Greater Metropolitan Rugely in the UK -- the original manufacturers of the mellotron), Ian McDonald (founding member of King Crimson, and composer of "The Court of the Crimson King" and "Epitaph", two of the finest songs featuring mellotron ever), Pierre Veilleux (mellotroniste virtuose extraordinaire!) and some bloke named Martin Smith who wandered in off the street and asked if he could be in the picture, too. If it weren’t for the fact that he had a Kendal Mint Cake with him, we wouldn’t have allowed it.

Rick and Dick Francis

LEFT: At Sleuth of Baker Street in Toronto (1997), Rick (then Secretary/ Treasurer of the Crime Writers of Canada) presenting a print by Canadian artist Tony Luciani to Dick Francis, probably the greatest thriller writer of our time, in recognition of his of outstanding contributions to crime writing. This was a special moment for Rick since Francis is one of his writing heroes. (You'll notice Rick's son, Karel, lurking in the background.) Afterwards, everyone retired to a nearby restaurant to have dinner with the man who was also the Queen Mum's steeplechase jockey. RIGHT: The late Mary Francis (Dick's wife and writing partner) and the man of the hour chatting with CWC member Brian Caws. If you were to look up the word "gentleman" in any dictionary, you'd surely find a photo of Dick Francis. What a gracious person! (Photos by Harry Roe)

RIGHT: At a rehearsal with the fabulous Washingtonville Horns in 1992. That's Ed Furci, Len Tallevi (tenor saxes) and Rick on trumpet – the first time he was ever photographed with one in his hands. Partially covered by the music stand is the incredible Arthur Betker. Also playing at that rehearsal were Les Barra (bass) and Ted Blechta (drums). Also joining in at the later gig was the fabulous Billy Reed (drums & vocals) -- another great musician -- and Frank Monteleone (organ). A splendid time was had by all. We were playing "Knock on Wood" at the time in honor of Rick's first book, no doubt. At the next gig, the horn section swelled to 6 horns that sounded truly astonishing and included Sal Bochino, one of the real local legends who played tenor, bari and soprano sax.

The Washingtonville Horns

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