Here's where you can find photos of an assortment of things, all dealing with being a writer.

Below are links to photo shoots, cover design discussions, and of course shots of our intrepid writer at various events and such. Just click on the links for anything that interests you!

Rick is a bit of an oddity in the publishing world: being a graphic designer he also gets a shot at designing covers for his books. That does not happen very often. In fact, most authors get almost no say in what their covers look like. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who's doing the designing! No matter what a cover looks like or the author's reaction to it, publishers always fall back on, "It's a marketing decision," no matter what the cover looks like. Believe me, we've seen some bad ones!

No, he doesn't do all the work himself, but he generally comes up with concepts at the very least. Below are two pages that show some of the background production work for Rick's past two books, Cemetery of the Nameless and Shooting Straight in the Dark.

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